Sales performance is much more about science and process. By following the six key dimensions of the Sales Performance Framework you will ensure the growth you deserve.


Take the time to establish the uniqueness of what you offer.


You must have visibility into the important sales opportunities. Make sure you have process in place to do that.


You can’t improve what you can’t measure. KPI’s must be in place in critical areas.


Take action and implement constant learning so that your client-facing people are always adding value and insight to their prospects.


Take action on keeping the mindset of your client-facing people at the top of their game.


The right skill at the right time for the right person. No one size fits all!

Book Yourself Solid

If you’re a professional or a practice manager with little or no sales experience but are an expert in your field, then, as a Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach, I will help you elevate your results beyond what you think is possible (if you’re willing to do the work of course) including:

  • Recognizing who is your ideal customer and attracting only those
  • Figuring out your target market and why that is sooo important
  • Developing your own personal brand and using that to have outstanding conversations with those you are meant to serve.
  • Learning how to network in such a way to get a constant stream of ideal clients coming your way
  • Determining your sales cycle, knowing how to use simple but powerful conversation structure that gets clients to sell themselves and much much more….
  • If any of this resonates with you then the best thing for you just might be me!!

    Find out how you can take control of your sales process!

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    Top Ten ...

    1. You don’t really know what is going on in the important sales cycles
    2. You’re losing to the competition way too often
    3. You can’t seem to retain good sales talent
    4. Your sales reps need a technical expert with them on most calls
    5. You’re consistently missing your sales targets
    6. You feel that you’re sales force is leaving money on the table too often
    7. The number of appointments with decision makers if far too low for your liking
    8. You need help in mapping out your sales process
    9. The sales force is generally relying on others to provide sales leads
    10. There is no process for planning important sales calls
    1. Few incoming leads
    2. Unqualified leads fall into the system
    3. Inexistent follow-up process
    4. Poor or non-existent personalized lead generation mechanism
    5. Sales conversations are not advancing the sale
    6. Contact level is too low
    7. Negotiation is always about price
    8. Losing to often to the competition
    9. Inexistent or poor forecasting process
    10. Inconsistent sales results over time
    1. Can I actually map out my sales process from lead generation to close?
    2. Do I have a process or methodology for each step in my sales process?
    3. Do I know which KPI’s I should keep an eye on to make sure I attain my results before it’s too late to correct?
    4. Do I have a way to objectively measure the chances of a deal closing?
    5. Do I have the right players in place?
    6. What skills do my client facing people need to generate leads?
    7. Do I have good coaching practices in place?
    8. Is my sales force calling high enough?
    9. Is it clear to me how my sales force should be navigating through a complex sale?
    10. Do I know all the criteria that makes a prospect a good match to our organization?

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